my mysterious mysteries -- an interview with me. read me up & down. xxb -- Nov. 17th it seems I have a play to slam at the Bowery Poetry Club. "War Pestilance Famine". I've never been slamming and whilst it sounds sports oriented I'm sure no one will get hurt. I've yet to meet the cast (as asigned by production), curtains up in just about 2 weeks so we're in for some kind of ride. I have some dark & dancy ideas for staging. Should feel explosive. Tingling. A DJ's aspinning spins, Come dance with me. -- James Lorenz, Joan Jett, Robert Mobely and myself star in Rocco Simonelli's film. -- Guerrilla News Network (GNN) Another voice outside the box. Why be spoon fed corporate culture media war propaganda? There is an alternative. -- Virginal tale from the playa. Black Rock City 2000. I'm hooked. I'm Home. -- Black Rock City's annual interactive art collective. A world unto itself. Home. -- Sundance Film Festival 2001 Selection. I play Graziella, a tough, rock-n-roll single mom, looking for love in all the wrong places... (A guy in an ape suit..come on!) Ilya Chaiken wrote and directs this real and rare film. It stays with me. Especially those rainy day Happy Hours. All those beautiful Brooklyn mamas, Elenor, Masha, Kristin, Amanda. Oh those babys! Oh, baby. Some simple truth and trust. See it. -- go here and give clean drinking water, go on, do it...IT IS FREE...just click click...ahhh, oh so good for the soul... -- get a little peace in our heart...I was fortunate enough to interview Arun Ghandi for the documentary, I am currently working on, "Prophets". A beautiful person, both he and his wife were an absolute delight to be with. They organize tours to India where one can experience the practice of non-violence in action. Visit this page and while your at it why not make a donation to this worthy effort. "We must be the change we want to see in the world."--M. Gandi -- go here and feed some folks for free -- me love, a cat man do, a fan of ghetto wrestling. -- this site vibrates with receptivity...Mike Albo is just brilliant beyond my words, so you MUST see him live for the full experience. He is The DAZZLE in the star studded Dazzle Dancers (who I performed with in their debut performance in Atlantic City). Mike and I met many years ago, in the then barely fashionable town of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was performing in a 24 hour play series. He was writing for for it. The playwrights arrived at 8pm and wrote overnight. The actors arrived at 8am, selected and worked on plays that were performed at 8pm that evening. Just 24 hours from conception to execution. A wonderful frantic little life. I saw the inspired genius that was Mike's work,(No, I will not get out of his ass!) He began to write pieces, specificly for the wonderful George Henderson and myself. Deleloped within the 24 hour plays, we performed 3 short plays, which I later directed and performed in, at Galapagos in Williamsburg. The favorite piece, then called "The Nielsons" was developed and I put up another performance, this time a sad, dirty black box theatre in Midtown. This piece later became "Sexoteque". A clever, social observation of our twisted consumer culture, which ran at the Kraine Theatre last year. I play the closet lesbian Nielson analyst named Tina Anshaw. In the not too distant future, poor Tina falls in love with her young female test subject. Upon being caught trying to communicate with said subject, she is transformed into a not quite human entity; a celebrity, trapped in an luxurious pseudo-slave chamber of "freaks" who are physically manipulated by the hands of her past employers... and that's just the begining. Again, my words can not do it justice. So check out his site and get your ass too a show of his NOW. And know, in our heart of hearts, we really love you.


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