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do you hear what I hear,
Dec 21, 2006
I have every sing song haunting of christmas past decking the halls unconscience. This year, for the first time, I honor my children's ancestors and celebrate the miracle of light... One light. I do believe we are all on the same spiritual page, lesson & language gone astray in semantics. To have one plea for peace brothers and sisters. Peace. First in soul, then we find the spirit. Together. I feel like a Doctor Bronners soap bottle, "ALL ONE". I found a poem by the late palestinian poet and one time mayor of Nazareth; Tawfiq Zayyad. Buried in a damaged copy of "Adbuster's" on this longest night, this winter solstice, but yet quite early early this still dark morning, begging a look beneath the coffee a gleeful baby poured over it. The phrase "unshakable faith" struck me hard on sight, as just last night in my gnostic readings I came across the phrase "the unshakable faith of perfect humankind". Something there, thats aqll I have... and now, here Zayyad's "All I Have"

All I Have:

I never carried a rifle
On my shoulder
Or pulled a trigger.
All I have
Is a flute's melody
A brush to paint my dreams,
A bottle of ink.

All I have
Is unshakeable faith
And an infinate love
For my people in pain.

According to the Adbuster blurb: "When the late Zayyahd became a member opf the Israeli parliament, his Hebrew was not very good. One of the goverment members shouted "Where did you study Hebrew?" and he replied, "in your prisons".


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