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this pagans dancing

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things to sing about

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
Feb 7, 2006
In this age of lies as lives lived, let's pretend, or better still stop pretending. Why isn't it enough, when perception is everything, I mean at least let's say in the form, this form, of matter, while it seems to matter, so much or too little, to you & me, why can't we believe this simple truth, that our world is exactly how we will it, want it, better still, yes, say it... make it so. Of course, a horse is a horse and the heartbreaking truth (& lie), yes too, here also lies, a paradox that is what we are; neither & both, nothing & everything, a particle & a wave.

I'm thinking of JT Leroy & James Frey (a Million Little Lies) and why liars are so hateful, when the masses aren't exactly looking for truth. The american dream seems include a desire to be lied to by our government, our artists, our media and most of all each other, all the while loving a happy delusion, until the moment the veil slips, whilst wallowing in comfortable betrayal, we look around feigning outrage, like our subatomic brothers, acting different upon observation.

For thosae of you playing along at home, I'm still getting emails about the UFO spot and oh, what a juicy green lie if only it were mine, unless acting is lying like Brando blasted in "Lying for a Living" or maybe "they" are making me lie, who can say, maybe it was a horrific abduction, I can't recall... or a hoax, a put on, a prank, a happening an art event, a bad novel, a terror attempt or just maybe in truth more like Orsen Wells 'War of The Worlds' radio spot, an ad. Give it a name & give it a rest. The only truth you need know is your own.


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